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Jun 15, 2016 at 10:36 am
Your Voice

On the need for speed: google fiber

AT&T/Direct wants to give you the least and charge you the most ... We would love Google. Competition is healthy.             —Tk Kinzel

... [W]hy couldn’t the city negotiate with Google to provide such service free at all public libraries? And perhaps a low-cost service to public schools? ... And why is AT&T complaining about Google using their poles? Old Anglo-Saxon law holds that the king’s highway is for all the subjects of the kingdom.                  —David Dunn

Can’t wait to ditch AT&T and Time Warner. I didn’t really see any negatives, other than some vague boogie-man scenarios.

—Betty Barnes

On editor’s note: the greatest

... When I was growing up I was taught that braggadocio was not considered an admirable characteristic ... There are many who believe it is intrinsically offensive to lower the flag for a man who refused to defend it while accepting its benefits ... I believe most Americans are not endeared by a man who renounced his faith in  Jesus Christ, because Jesus was portrayed as white (He was, of course, a Jew), in favor of another religion, whose followers have no qualms about waging war against Americans. Ali was racist ... —Ralph Koslik

On Shane Peabody Powell: Ali — the poet with a punch

It’s a b**** when they make a draft dodger a hero.

—Earl Watterson

I find it interesting that it is still OK to be racist against white people. I thought racism as a whole was wrong, but one realizes, reading left-wing rags, that only certain kinds of racism are considered wrong in their odd and inconsistent world. And hate, of course, is a positive virtue, provided only that it be directed at suitably loathsome caricatures of people who may exist somewhere, but who do not represent a race, or a class, or even a coherent grouping ... We read Ali represented peace and inclusion. What of those virtues can be found here? It isn’t funny, and it clearly arises from quite real anger. —Barry Cooper

... The worst racists and racism encountered by Ali was the shitty treatment from the ruling class and the officialdom they controlled and used, not just “rednecks from Fairdale ...”  They thought they should own him, and that he should fight for them, and he refused!!! There was no mention of that in this piece of crap. Ali’s fight against the draft was for all poor folks subject to fighting their imperialist war, regardless of race ...

—Larry Hovekamp

On Erica Rucker: ‘... as long as they ain’t free, I ain’t free.’

Nice article about “The Champ.” Thank you for bringing it a little closer to home for me ... — Jeanie Redford McDaniel


Due to incorrect information received, a story June 8 on “Bagged and Bored” misidentified Brian Barrow, owner of The Destination comic book store.