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Jun 7, 2017 at 10:40 am
Your Voice

on: editor’s note – gov. bevin, the 140-character coward

Next, the Bevinator will say reading the LEO is a waste of money. When reminded it’s free, he will say, “That’s fake news.” —Tim Keith

Duh, why would Bevin want to trust the mainstream media to convey any message he might have? Joe Gerth and his left-wing cronies at The CJ beat him up in the press on a daily basis. Aaron also beats him up over nothing. Matt, don’t give in to these imbeciles. —Dick Wood

The beating up is well-deserved for this carpet bagger, elected by less than 25 percent of Kentucky voters. —Janet Falcone

Bevin has shown himself to be a self-serving tyrant — whose political roots remain in an illegal cockfight. —Roseanne Johnson Southard

on: thorns and roses, omni hotel’s grocery plan is lame

Why should a hotel commit to providing a grocery store where the market hasn’t encouraged one? The prices won’t be competitive. I’ve yet to visit an urban area that has a grocery located in a hotel. Downtown Chicago has scant few grocery stores considering the population. CVS and Walgreens abound, covering most of the sundry items required by locals and tourists. Same with downtown San Francisco, save for the wharf, which also has a farmers market — as does Louisville. Perhaps rather than coerce a hotel into providing a “grocery,” fostering a development similar to Findlay Market in Cincinnati would be more appropriate.

—Wendell Sego

on: #loumedia barks, bevin bites back

What one of the “Hate” commenters touched on, but is generally ignored elsewhere, is the Bevin administration’s frequent blocking of critical constituents on Facebook and Twitter. That is one reason most of the comments on his pages skew toward the positive ...  — Kentuckians Against Matt Bevin

on: RECOMMENDED – South End street food

Using the term “The South End” to refer to a tract of land that takes up 50 percent of Jefferson County is like talking about “the country of Africa.” Can we quit with this East End superiority already? —Sarah Crawford

On: Youth violence, The Secret Geography of Louisville

Thank you for this informative article ... It is the first time I can remember reading anything of this depth and acuity on a subject that seems so difficult for the public and our government to address. —Judy Fisher Oetinger

whoops! we really flipped our script

The story May 31 on dramaturgy and Shakespeare did not run fully. The entire story is on page 41 in this issue and online at