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Dec 21, 2016 at 10:23 am
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on the last bridge is built, but are we happy now?

Nope, not happy. The downtown bridge is not needed, and the tunnels are an incredible boondoggle. Should have skipped the downtown bridge and used a portion of those funds to 86 I-64 and replace it with a riverside boulevard. 1960s planning in the 21st century... a failure of leadership. —John Whitney Jr.

on saving louisville’s trees, one ordinance at a time

GLI’s denial of any guilt in the loss of our tree canopy looks very foolish bracketed by two different criticisms of its positions and statements... — Larry Downs

on editor’s note: uofl blackmailing the city?

... The campus was the spot UofL wanted for the new arena. The Yum! Center was built downtown to help in revitalizing the area, with UofL and big-name concerts being the draw ... I don’t think UofL is the bad guy, and I agree with [UofL Athletic Director] Tom Jurich. If they are not wanted, build on campus and get out.

—Ted Franke

I’m with [Jurich] on this one. If they can’t manage and recruit entertainment then stop blaming UofL ... Do your job getting people to book the Yum!.                        —Mary Marguerite Robertson Rice

Fuck ‘em. Tom will build and fill an on-campus arena. You rubes, enjoy the tractor pulls and wrestling. Good luck trying to fill seats for that. —Steven Back

If the lease was such a bad deal for the arena, how is this blackmail? Can’t have it both ways. —Keith Bowers

on two brits in the lou: UofL Jurich in abusive ménage a trois

Idiocy squared ... The old nonsense about an NBA team is just that. If you look to other cities of roughly comparable size and fan base, their teams are owned by billionaires who love sports, and we happen to have none. Sure, we have some families that could qualify, but their interests are so diverse they could not muster a quorum, so to speak. Moreover, any serious analysis by the NBA would have to take into account the undeniable, and overwhelming, popularity of college basketball here, 78 miles east and 80 miles north by northwest. No NBA team for Louisville ...

— Gerhard Rivkin

on uncovered: Bevin, no bathroom bill

Hate the guy, but he has a point. Never had a bathroom issue in all my years living in Kentucky. My guess is, if you are sharing a bathroom with a transgender person or cross-dresser, you are probably at a place that caters to that demographic.

—Ruben Martinez