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Oct 26, 2016 at 10:27 am
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On Amiri King: Our readers and trolls commented, we reply

I had never heard of Amiri King until this year’s LEO [Readers’ Choice Awards]. I’m glad I wasn’t missing anything. And, as freedom of speech applies to government censorship, then do whatever you want with your publication. — Jessica Greer Paul

I’m just sorry you introduced me to this Amiri character. I didn’t need that ugly in my life. — Sandy Knauer Morgan

The word cloud from Amiri King’s moronic fan base is truly a sight to behold. — Kenny Bloggins

After reading all the coverage, and hearing both sides, all I can think is: What would have [LEO founder] John Yarmuth done? I don’t know the answer, but I think it would be more rationally thought out and better handled than what the younger Yarmuth did. — Tom Schulz

Meanwhile, I just slideeeeeee closer to the top ;) Taking out Tom Mabe next. — Chris McConnell

[Ed. note: McConnell became No. 2 when Tom Mabe moved to No. 1 to replace Amiri King.]

on amiri king of comedy: a localcomedian’s response to the kerfuffle

Awesome [George] Carlin mention! If this guy Amiri King is any indication of modern comedy, what the hell happened to comedy? King can’t even lick Carlin’s boots, and King’s not even in Sam Kinison’s league on Kinison’s worst day. — Joe Malloy

Hey LEO, I really don’t think you need to give a platform to another cis-het white guy whining about [social justice warriors] and free speech.    — Geist of Kevin C

On Surviving Cuts at Jefferson Community & Technical College

... There was no logic in the way people were let go, and the sadistic way in which it was done has contributed to low morale. — Anna Rose Kearney

I can definitely relate to that slap-in-the-face feeling ... I miss the students.  — Bobbi Buchanan

on shane peabody powell:no country for dirty men

I beg to differ: This is the country for dirty, old men. Hell, the women aren’t any better. — Robin Hinton