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Jul 27, 2016 at 10:22 am
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On it’s up to Clinton to win supporters

There’s one key element that you’ve missed... A whole lot of [Bernie] Sanders supporters were #NeverHillary long before we were for #BernieOrJill ... Blame whoever you want, but blaming those of us who refuse to vote for a criminal is counter-productive, and stupid ... — Alexias Jump Taylor

That’s all fine and good, but please don’t tell us that withholding a vote from [Hillary] Clinton is not a vote for Trump: That’s simply not true. [Green Party candidate Jill] Stein will lose in every state... — Dave Schroeder

on amp apartments, positively urban

Settling for formulaic anarchitecture is nearly as bad as letting the site sit. This pour-and-bore approach can have all these words thrown at it, but at the end of the day, it’s just the SOS ... I am tired of going to endless meetings seeking “input” when not a single suggestion is taken, and we deem this good enough to combat sprawl. It fills a hole ... The back looks like Motel 6 . AMP that. — Debra Richards Harlan

I think they look cool, but that’s just me. — Jason Meredith

on erica rucker: white america must recognize

Great piece, Erica.  The degree of denial that has been going on in this country borders on mass delusion ... [A] vocal minority (in this case, conservative white America) uses the explosion of the pressure cooker to lash out in anger. Not to lash out at the circumstances that have been leading to this for generations, but at the result (in this case, police being assassinated) of ignoring this problem. That allows them to go from ignorant bliss, skipping over a response to institutional racism entirely, to a new round of blaming black America in general, and in particular persecuting anyone willing to speak up. I don’t know how to fix this problem that runs so deep, but talking and writing about it is at the very least a good start. — Rob Totten


“That’s Entertainment!”  |  By Keith Welch Now the last Trump has sounded, and Cleveland breathes a sigh relieved from being baffled by a hurricane of lies The circus of the GOP was better than a wreck of half a dozen locomotives and the movie Shrek What can a clever Democratic candidate provide to entertain a nation of the intellectually fried? Mrs. Clinton has charisma that could cure insomnia And her husband is a victim of erotomania No one thinks her VP choices are the very best unless she gets Beyoncé, no one’s going to be impressed.