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Feb 10, 2016 at 3:00 pm
Your Voice

on “The teacher who was the lesson”

This article makes me smile, and sigh. I was a member of [Steve Shaw’s] class that year, I believe, Todd Leatherman and I co-captained the kickball teams. I share many of your memories so vividly- the kite building, Anne Frank, Rifles for Waite ( how about King Tut’sTomb?). She embodied everything I hoped to be when I grew up, smart, classy, kind. She and Mrs. Crutcher in 4th grade instilled a love of learning in me that lives in me still. How blessed were we to have had such magical influences in our lives at the time when we needed them most? I will forever be grateful to that lovely woman. Thank you for sharing this!

—Mimi Maxson, Feb. 5

on “Gratuity excluded”

The actions of the Kentucky Restaurant Association are shameful as they continue to skirt an issue that they have openly opposed in the past. Their stances are in line with the ownership of large chain restaurants. —Ryan Rogers, Feb. 4

on “Gratuity excluded”

Yes, I work for an extreme upscale meat and potatoes restaurant, running food. Simplified, if I had a dollar from every departing patron, instead of the useless “thanks” and the token handshake for exemplary service, I would not debate the built-in poverty associated with this work. Consider Las Vegas, where 10 bucks is easily administered to the guy who simply and conclusively opens the door to the restaurant. Food town and comp. town don’t run side by side in the metro. The idea of organizing falls short with a staff (who rarely read weeklies), continually distracted where to blow their next wad using a smart phone for wagering phantasy football. Depressing. —Len Crady, Feb. 5

On “House Bill 155”

@leoweekly Have you called 800.372.7181 to leave a message for your Senator & Rep in favor of #LGBT #KYFairness?           —Fairness Campaign @FairnessCamp

on “Gratuity excluded”

@leoweekly Thanks for this story. I teach urban politics at UofL and we spend some time on Louisville’s min. wage. I’ll use this article. —Timothy Weaver @tprweaver

on “Gratuity excluded”

@leoweekly Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the masses. We work too hard to scrape by!

—Spencer Churchill @Su_Spencer

Dear Editor:

Your recent article regarding the Omni groundbreaking failed to mention that Mayor Fischer committed $12 million to fund a loan pool in support of the development of affordable housing across the city. That loan pool is the Louisville CARES Program — Creating Affordable Residences for Economic Success. This investment will create 1,500 housing units of affordable housing for families across the city.

—Gabe Fritz, Director for the Office of Housing & Community Development for Develop Louisville

CORRECTIONS on “Housing for tourists, none for locals”

In the article “Housing for tourists, none for locals,” it was incorectly stated that the Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund had received $5 million in funding over the past eight years. In fact, it had only recieved $1.5 million. We apologize for the error.