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Mar 2, 2016 at 2:52 pm
Your Voice

On “Moral majority”

While our bodies are made to procreate, that is not the sum of our being. I am entitled to work, love and play however I see fit, just as any man. My ability to make a child does not outweigh my desires to fulfill my life as I choose. I am entitled to use whichever birth control I like and if that fails I am entitled to choose whether or not I carry that pregnancy to term. Your vagina, your choices, my vagina, my choices.

—Christy Smith-Hallahan, Feb. 27

On “Inexcusable comparison of Planned Parenthood to Nazis”

@leoweekly Good for Aaron Yarmuth for calling out the @courierjournal for their blatantly biased front cover story about “black genocide”

—Spencer Churchill @Su_Spencer, Feb. 26

On “Moral majority”

Great piece in the @leoweekly, apparently women are people and not body parts! #AskBevinAboutMyVag

—Molly Shah @MollyOShah, Feb 25

On the LEO Cover Art

When you are still checking for this on the stands ... #ACATHEYART #leoweekly So thankful to have been commissioned for this cover for the African Americans arts and cultural issue. #blackartist #louisville #louisvilleky #uofl #blackcreatives

—acatheyart, Feb. 27

on “It’s me, not you”

Beautiful. Excellent way to express what so many feel, but, gets distorted in arguments with our Caucasian counterparts who can’t see or imagine anything different being totally beautiful outside of them.

—Antonio Montana Sr., Feb. 26