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Aug 5, 2015 at 1:55 pm
Your View

In response to “25 years of Tom Tomorrow”

My favorite political satire ... I hope it always has a place in LEO.

—Al Gorman, July 30

On Gatewood’s Legacy at Fancy Farm

Gatewood Galbraith and KY for Medical Marijuana reminding people this is The People’s picnic! #leoweekly

—Mick Parsons @dirtysacred

LEO’s horoscopes will blow your mind

“Meditate on how longing for what’s perfect might be the enemy of the ability to benefit from what’s merely good” #leoweekly #Capricorn

—LatwaunJ @LatwaunJ

Livin’ it up at New vintage

#youngwidows at @NewVintageVenue — 2015 #leoweekly #louisville #themoney —Heavy Chronicles @heavychronicles

On “Kentucky restricts low-risk cottage food sales”

With articles like this, LEO is back! Great job, Rachel!

—Steve Magruder

On “Kentucky restricts low-risk cottage food sales”

Keep up the good fight for food and business freedom. We producers all have to start somewhere, and if it becomes too expensive to start a business then there will soon be very few smal businesses. —Marc Luff

On “LEO Playlist 7/27: Rakim, Strand of Oaks and more”

Once again, it would appear that the WFPK misfired in selecting the wrong band as the 9 p.m. headliner. How many more times are they going to do this? Get with the times, and rock out at the end of the evening. Strand of Oaks should be the last band on stage this evening. —Pat Murdock

And this little gem On “Barkeep Confessions: The plight of the female bartender”

Quit whining. What did you expect? You sell alcohol. At least no one threatens to kick your a** because they’re drunk and stupid.

—Vic Larnerd