What they said: We gathered quotes from supporters, protesters and Donald Trump himself at Tuesday's rally

Mar 2, 2016 at 5:44 pm
What they said: We gathered quotes from supporters, protesters and Donald Trump himself at Tuesday's rally


“Well, it looks like there aren't any black people here. *puts two thumbs up*” —Anonymous

“We need to bomb the shit out of ISIS, we gotta get rid of those mother fuckers. Because war generates income. —Hollis McCollie

“Obama's a Sith Lord, Hilary is Darth Vader and Trump is the hero!” —Anonymous

“I think one of the most important things Trump will do is get rid of all the different social movements that are going on. Obama has been so divisive and always points out our differences and I think Trump will do a better job of bringing the country together.” —Anonymous

“We need Trump because he’s the only one who can beat that crook Hillary Clinton. It’s just like my shirt says: If Hillary can’t please her man, how is she going to please the country?” —Anonymous

“I can’t say that I like the fact that he’s filed for bankruptcy seven times but he still came out on top. And at the end of the day America is a business so why not get a good businessman to run it.” —James Oldham

“Deporting the illegal immigrants in our country isn’t an act of hatred, it’s an act of economics. Our economics will be higher when we deport them and our economics will be higher with Trump as our president." —Anonymous


“Trump supporters have large hairy nipples! Trump has a tiny penis! Trump will give you a UTI!” —Anonymous

“Personally, the most harmful thing I’ve heard Trump say is ‘When you get men and women together in the military, what do you expect to happen?’ He referred to military sexual assault as an ‘inevitable action.’” —Hannah Nussbaum

“We love you guys, don't do this to yourself, Trump doesn't care about you!” —Anonymous

*After having a sign torn from her hands* “Apparently Trump supporters think it's okay to put their hands on women when they speak up.” —Kara Flowers

“I don't think all of his supporters are racist, I think they’re just scared. They’re scared of changing demographics, they're scared because they're on unsteady ground economically, and they’re turning towards the message that it is the fault of the immigrants, or of black people, or of poor people.” —Carla Wallace


“We have another wise guy, go ahead, get um’ the hell out, get um out … Get um out! ... Incredible … Get um’ out of here! Get out! Get out!” —Donald Trump

“Don’t hurt um, don’t hurt um. See if I say go get um’, I get in trouble with the press. The most dishonest human beings in the world. The worst. [...] Get um’ out of here! ” —Donald Trump

“Today we have to be so nice, so nice, so nice. They asked Ted Cruz at the debate ‘What do you think of waterboarding?’ And he acts like a basket case ‘Well, uh, uh, uh.’ He didn't want to say yes because it's not nice. [...] Then they looked at me and said ‘What do you think of waterboarding?’ I said it's absolutely fine!” —Donald Trump

“Hillary Clinton does not have the strength, or the stamina to be president. She doesn't! She’ll do a meeting, then she’ll show up five days later and she’ll do another one then she’ll go home and go to sleep. Then she’ll rest … you need a lot of strength, you need a lot of stamina and she doesn’t have it.” —Donald Trump