What a Week: The City's Weekly Zeitgeist Radar

Apr 8, 2008 at 8:26 pm
Stupid schtupped ugly in Frankfort, resulting in a bouncy biennial budget that is both stupid and ugly. A brave citizenry clenched its collective sphincter and fretted over basketball without wondering breathlessly: Would the Senate approve the House’s stingy budget or would the House settle for the Senate’s even stingier budget? Ten negative points if you said the latter. Bypassing a no-brainer (and no-lung-er) cigarette tax, the Senate won, and so now Kentucky will struggle with deep budget cuts in all the usual programs that fight poverty, illness and ignorance.

In a grubby side deal, oily David Williams and slimy Greg Stumbo lubed up and rolled around together before agreeing to rural construction projects at the expense of the state’s deepest needs. Recognizing that, as bad as things are, they could always be worse, Gov. Beshear threatened a special session if the Bush/McConnell war economy continues to tank.

Here’s what passes for progressive politics in ol’ Kaintuck: On April 1, a law went into effect mandating that cigarettes sold in Kentucky must be “fire safe,” meaning they must contain a special paper that makes the cigarette go out if you don’t toke like mad.

Sure, Thunder’s awesome, but if you’re tired of curling into the fetal position and urinating on yourself when Mother America’s death planes uncloak and soar into the waterfront terrordome, why not consider an alternative? The Silence Over Thunder Coalition is again sponsoring its “Peaceful Skies” picnic at the Americana Center soccer field on Saturday. The picnic features art, music and kite flying, in an atmosphere free of weapons of mass destruction.