What A Week - The City”s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar

Jun 18, 2008 at 2:49 am


Following a five-month trial period, the mayor’s office has announced that all police officers and Metro government employees will be assessed a fee to take their vehicles home or to a second job. Officers taking city vehicles home will be charged $30 a month, while those who use their cars for a second job will be charged $60 a month. The decision, which goes into effect July 1, is expected to save the city $570,000 in fuel costs. 


Trainers and various officials from the horse racing industry are scheduled to testify in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Commerce, Trade and Consumer subcommittee on Thursday. In light of the death of Eight Belles during this year’s Kentucky Derby, Congress wants to know how many horses are being injected with steroids and why horses are collapsing daily on tracks nationwide.


Not all kids have it so easy: A recent study has shown that the number of homeless people in Louisville — especially homeless children — is increasing substantially. The study was based on the amount of clients that various homeless shelters in the area have received in past months; in other words, there remains a vast number of unaccounted-for homeless people living on the streets. 


Blessed be the Internet gods: Louisville is finally cool enough for Google Maps. Google Maps offers a “street view” tool, on which you can view photos of actual city streets, houses and landmarks. So keep your sketchy public activities to a minimum, because a Google camera may catch you in action in the coming weeks. One thing is certain —online stalking just got more fun.