Sep 17, 2008 at 2:54 am


Watching grown men try to sink a tiny white ball into a hole in the ground might not be your thing (although it’s good for an afternoon nap, at least). But hosting the Ryder Cup this week will be a serious economic boon for Louisville. Depending on what flak you ask, the international golf competition could rake in anywhere between $50 million and more than $150 million. (Begin quiet but enthusiastic golf clap now.)


Interested in obtaining a doctoral degree but don’t have the time? Try the University of Louisville, which came under fire last week when it was revealed that an associate of embattled former dean Robert Felner (who the feds believe misappropriated at least $694,000 in grant money) received a Ph.D. from the school after only one semester. But who can blame the recipient? Writing a dissertation is really hard work.


Hurricane Ike’s 70-mile-per-hour winds whipped through Louisville on Sunday, downing trees, wiping out electricity and creating a mad rush for milk, bread and beer. Nearly 180,000 homes still were without power Tuesday, forcing families to spend quality time together in the dark — thank God there’s beer.


The Kentucky Court of Appeals reiterated a sad fact on Monday: the Bluegrass is intolerant. In prohibiting lesbian couples from adopting (just as a straight stepparent would), the appellate court ruled it is not the place of a judge to determine whether the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is “morally defensible or socially enlightened.” All right then, we’ll make that call: it isn’t.

World-classness: -13