What a Week

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Nov 19, 2008 at 6:00 am

You might want to consider cutting short that hot shower or eliminating your dog’s weekly dip in the tub: The Louisville Water Co. is raising its rates 5.5 percent. Although the average bill will only rise by about a buck a month, it’s poor timing considering the lousy state of the economy. Then again, it’s no surprise given the company has raised rates by at least 5 percent every year for the past four years. Because the city owns the utility, Metro government will reap the rewards of the hike and spend it on …


Balancing the city’s budget: Mayor Jerry Abramson predicts the city is set to experience a $20 million budget shortfall this fiscal year, prompting him to declare a hiring freeze and major government spending cuts. If the national economy doesn’t turn around soon, the mayor believes matters will only get worse in Possibility City.


Proving there is justice in this sometimes hate-filled world, a Meade County jury ordered a Kentucky-based KKK group to shell out $2.5 million for beating a Latino teen at a county fair. The groups “Imperial Wizard” — aka the big bald bigot — was found liable for the assault, which was carried out by his Klansmen lackeys. As a result, the nation’s second-largest KKK group might have to turn over its 15-acre compound outside Dawson Springs, Ky.


We’re barely into the 2008-2009 college basketball season and already U of L Coach Rick Pitino is touting next year’s star player. Calling senior Mike Marra “the best high school shooter I’ve ever seen,” Pitino says the 6-foot-5 baller from Massachusetts consistently sinks baskets from well beyond the NBA 3-point line. That’s good news, but for now let’s just hope the current Cards team lives up to its high ranking.

World-classness: -4.5