What a Week

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Nov 26, 2008 at 6:00 am

Get ready to hit the road this Thanksgiving: Gas prices in Louisville are less than half what they were this time last year. As of Tuesday, the average cost of gas in the region was $1.66 a gallon, according to louisvillegasprices.com. Now for the bad news: You have no valid excuse to avoid family this holiday season.

Love the taste of bacon, but loathe the stench that results from “processing” this staple of the average American’s diet? Good news: The Swift Pork Co. in Butchertown plans to install at least $250,000 worth of equipment to reduce the odor. Nearby residents have long complained about the smell, which they’ve likened to a mixture of manure and cooking hair. Suddenly, bacon doesn’t sound so good.

The city is planting 453 trees along the Ohio River as part of its ongoing work at Louisville Waterfront Park. It will take close to a decade for the new plantings — including spruces, oaks and maples — to reach maturity and provide ample shade. And in 100 years, the area will totally kick ass. In addition, the city also is finishing work on an amphitheater and a swing garden at the site.

Lawyers for the company that owns the legal rights to “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” threatened to sue the city for using the Dr. Suess classic in its theme for this year’s Light Up Louisville. The mayor’s office responded by eliminating that portion of Friday’s program, and by issuing perhaps the cheesiest press release of all time, in which Jerry Abramson says: “It appears these lawyers’ hearts are two sizes too small” and “Why can’t they just let the Whos and the Lous down in Louisville have a little fun this holiday season?”

World-classness: +5