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Dec 10, 2008 at 6:00 am

So who made Metro Councilwoman Judy Green the fashion police? The District 1 Democrat disapproves of saggy pants, and wants to propose a council resolution frowning on the droopy drawers epidemic. In addition to calling the unfortunate fashion statement “degrading” and “indecent,” the councilwoman went so far as to suggest the trend has a history in slavery.

When a taxicab flipped on an icy bridge along Newburg Road Saturday, LEO Editor Stephen George — and a handful of other concerned drivers — dialed 911. After helping the uninjured driver out of his vehicle, they waited for someone to answer … and waited, and waited, and waited. After 15 minutes of getting a busy signal, a cop just happened to roll up to the scene, explaining, “We’re just slammed right now.” Perhaps Public Enemy said it best with these slightly ridiculous yet apparently accurate lyrics: “Get up, get, get, get down, 911 is a joke in yo’ town.”

The Louisville Cardinals men’s hoops team climbed back into the Top 10 after managing to make baskets and — get ready for it — rebound, winning all three games in last weekend’s Marques Maybin Classic at Freedom Hall. Although these weren’t exactly the most difficult match-ups, it was good to see U of L work it (Samardo Samuels makes dunking look so damn easy). The triple victory is almost enough to erase all memories of the Big Red Blob.

In these tough economic times, not even the children (or their educators) will be spared. Facing a $45 million budget shortfall, Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Sheldon Berman is proposing a slew of cost-saving measures, including reducing bus routes, eliminating year-round schools, scrapping many after-school programs and slashing 264 jobs.

World-classness: -9