Oct 15, 2008 at 12:13 pm


Sucks to be MSD: The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a previous lower court ruling last week saying the Metropolitan Sewer District owes damages ($35,000) and attorneys fees to Ronald Barber, a former MSD contractor who — along with former MSD engineer Sarah Lynn Cunningham — sued the agency in 2005. The two alleged that MSD had retaliated against them by cutting their jobs after Cunningham notified the Attorney General of potential on-the-job shenanigans. 


With all this talk of Wall Street vs. Main Street, it’s good to know Louisville’s Main Street is one of the country’s top-10 thoroughfares. Last week, the American Planning Association named the stretch of West Main between Second and Ninth streets one of the nation’s most remarkable corridors because of its “history, architecture and cast-iron facades.”


These are tough economic times, but rather than squirrel away cash for that inevitable rainy day, an unsettling number of Kentuckians have inexplicably opted to let their money ride on the lottery. Even with 25 percent of the state’s online lottery terminals down in the wake of last month’s windstorm, ticket sales were up 3.2 percent this quarter compared to last year, raking in more than $192 million. While it’s true somebody’s gotta win, chances are it won’t be you.


And if you’ve squandered all your dough on the lotto (or if you simply can’t make ends meet), the commonwealth is offering more than $68 million to help heat the homes of low-income residents this winter. That’s more than double the amount allocated last year, during which time the state doled out $30 million to heat 174,000 homes. Thanks to a significant increase in federal funding, the state will help more than 300,000 families warm their tootsies this winter.

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