What A Week

Jun 11, 2008 at 1:24 pm


Soaring diesel prices are forcing TARC to raise rates and cut service, just when people (and the planet) need it most. Hoping to improve TARC (and probably giving anti-tax crusader Chris Thieneman a slight woody), the Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation — CART — proposed a countywide referendum to raise the occupational tax to modernize TARC. Being a good idea, it has almost no chance of passage. Voters overwhelmingly rejected a tax increase to fund libraries last fall.


The Academy for Health Equity, a national nonprofit group hoping to help eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in America, has Louisville’s Dr. Adewale Troutman as one of its founding members. Troutman, director of the Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness, and other health experts from around the country will work to outline best practices for promoting health and preventing disease among those living in poor communities.


Water and sewer rates are going up again. The Louisville Water Company and MSD are proposing 5 percent rate increases for 2009. It’ll cost an average of $50 per month to bring clean, delicious water into your home and remove what you convert it into. Really, that’s a small price to pay to make sure they don’t get it backwards, right?


The Muhammad Ali Center — a place nobody ever regrets having been — hired Gregory C. Roberts as its CEO. Roberts, the former chief of the Magic Johnson Foundation and other high-profile nonprofits, is a seasoned pro at shaking the loose millions out of seasoned pro athletes and other celebrities. The Center got unwanted buzz when the C-J referred to — and subsequently apologized to — Ali’s wife Lonnie as his “widow.”