We’re having much more fun

Jul 18, 2012 at 5:00 am

Good evening. Wow, I’m really excited to see so many people here tonight. Our little series has never had such a good turnout. I don’t have exact figures; we will have to check with our secretary and get back to you on that, but I can tell, just by scanning the crowd, that we are dealing with record numbers. It certainly is gratifying to see so many new faces. I hope there are enough chairs back there.

I’m terribly sorry that it’s taking so long to set up the equipment. We want to make sure all of you can see the presentation. Can every one hear me? In the back? Good. I like that, thumbs up!

Yeah. It looks like it’s just going to be another moment. This stand isn’t really designed to go this high. What is that? Fishing line? Incredible. We just want to be sure it doesn’t fall over.

OK, well, it looks like the projector is working, so I guess we’re ready to go.

As you may have suspected, most of our slides from this last weekend were taken at the music festival. I figure that’s why so many of you showed up, but they really aren’t organized in any particular order. Oh, this one is nice. This is a picture of our intern posing in the mouth of a ferocious shark. It looks to me like the designer of this shark photo op thingy was reproducing the image from the poster of the movie “Jaws.” It was made with some sort of light synthetic material, like a tent. Very clever. Ha ha. Our intern is acting like he is terrified of being eaten by the shark. That kid has talent. He’ll be famous some day.

OK, here’s a picture of our intern getting water at a free water stand. As you can see, the volunteer behind the counter has two water hoses. He was able to fill two bottles or cups at the same time. When our intern got to the counter with his cup, the volunteer got kind of fancy and used both hoses, alternating playfully, squirting a little water into the cup with one hose, then stopping, switching hoses and squirting a little water with the other hose. This was, of course, pointless and took more time than it would have taken to use both hoses to fill the cup, but our intern thought it was hilarious, as you can see from the face he is making. He looks thirsty!

Here’s a picture of one of the bands. I can’t quite make out who it is. You can see the lights, and there are … it looks like five or six people down there on the stage with guitars and such. I’m sure they were very good. Our photographer couldn’t (or didn’t) get any closer to the stage, and pretty much all of his pictures of the bands look like this, so we aren’t going to waste your time with them.

Oh! This is a good one! This young woman was hanging out in one of the exhibit areas, and our photographer talked her into flashing her breasts. Apparently, our photographer spent more time trying to get shots like this than he did watching the bands. He got a lot of phone numbers, but most of the girls kept their shirts on.

Here’s a picture of somebody dressed like Gumby.

Here’s a picture of a young woman dressed like a mermaid.

Here’s a picture of a young woman who fell asleep on a sidewalk. Oh, and here’s a group of security officers who went to make sure she was OK.

Oh, this one is from “Breaking Bad.” One of our staff members didn’t go to the festival and organized his weekend around his plan to watch the season premiere on Sunday night. That’s his television, and there are some chips and some hummus. It doesn’t look like he’s got any spoilers in there, which is good, because I haven’t watched that yet.

This next picture is one I took of a friend I hadn’t seen in a long while. I ran into him while taking a walk on Bardstown Road on Saturday afternoon. I forget his name. I figured I might be able to remember it later if I took his picture. Does anybody recognize him? If you do, let me know after the presentation. Thanks.

Hot tip: Check out “Safety Not Guaranteed,” featuring Aubrey Plaza (from “Parks and Recreation”). It’s playing at the Village 8 Cinemas.