WEB EXCLUSIVE: Less to complain about

Complaints from ice storm low

Feb 16, 2009 at 5:28 pm

According to the Office of the Attorney General, the number of consumer complaints related to the ice storm of a couple weeks ago is significantly lower than those related to last fall's windstorm. 

"This is actually a relatively low number," Allison Martin, spokeswoman for AG Jack Conway, said. "After we had Ike come through, the windstorm, we had 2,000 complaints, emails and phone calls in the first week." 

According to numbers compiled by the AG's office, there were just under 100 complaints from the Louisville area as of early last week. Overall, there were 356 complaints statewide. Like the windstorm, the majority of Louisville complaints were of price gouging of gasoline. And, just a couple weeks before the ice storm, the AG's office announced fines of several gas stations totaling $107,000 for unfair, anti-competitive pricing during the windstorm. Here's the list of Louisville complaints: 

Unknown - 2

Cab Service - 1

Child Care - 1

Electric - 1

Food - 1

Gas Cans - 1

Gasoline - 39

Generators - 12

Heat Pump - 1

Hotel - 29

Kerosene - 5

Locksmith - 1

Parking - 1

Road Service - 1