UofL cheating scandal, either Coach Bobby Petrino is lying or out of control of his team

Dec 15, 2016 at 3:31 pm
UofL cheating scandal, either Coach Bobby Petrino is lying or out of control of his team

Louisville, we have a problem

The cesspool that is UofL is deeper than ever. Football Head Coach Bobby Petrino could be lying again, and Athletic Director Tom Jurich is testing the weight limit on his throne — a self-anointed king who reigns over an empire of for-profit college athletics. Jurich’s admission that UofL’s coaching staff knowingly cheated — and possibly lied about it — demands more questions for him and the leadership at UofL, to be followed by honest answers, a firehose of humility and a complete draining of the cesspool.

Jurich confirmed yesterday that UofL’s football staff had received — what Wake Forest called — “confidential and proprietary” information leading up to their game in November. In short, UofL was given the Wake Forest game plan by an insider, a radio broadcaster who formerly played and coached the Demon Deacons. UofL offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway received the proprietary information and then gave it to Louisville defensive staff.

When asked a month ago about this allegation after the game, Petrino said he knew nothing. The only way that is true is if Galloway didn’t tell him. Either Petrino is lying, or he is not in control of his program (but given his track record, he’s losing the benefit of any doubt). Either way, this amounts to more repugnant odor emanating from Jurich’s athletic department.

Adding to the disgraceful Petrino, Jurich insulted our intelligence by brushing off the controversy, saying, “I’m disappointed that this issue has brought undue attention to our football staff as we prepare for our upcoming bowl game.”

Undue attention?!

Oh! And deep in preparation. Like you prepared for the Wake Forest game? Seriously, Tom? That disappointment you’re feeling is the sense of betrayal by the same conman, Petrino, who used you (and all of us) as a stepping stone his first time through town.

This is not “undue attention.” It’s well deserved. And Jurich, trying to bury another scandal deep beneath the muck, is simply reinforcing the corrupt culture that is systemic throughout the athletics department and the university.

The real disappointment is you, Tom. You are taking an institution that is sacred in this community and transforming it into something not unlike an organized crime syndicate. Sure, we like to win… but not by cheating, and not if it means being embarrassed.

UofL cannot continue to embarrass us. It cannot continue to embarrass the fans and sponsors who have built all of the new athletic facilities and pay all of the coach’s salaries, and whose support for all Cardinal teams is unwavering.

I’ve been a UofL fan all of my life, Tom. I’ve been with the rest of Cards fans who suffered through the 1-10 season of 1997. We’ve suffered through losing to Kentucky nine out of the last 10 meetings in basketball. We’ve suffered through the Katina Powell sex scandal, NCAA investigation and threats of vacating the National Championship in 2013. Through all the suffering, we continue to show up, watch and cheer the world-class athletes in world-class facilities.

We deserve answers. Jurich and Petrino are public employees, and they are paid enough to provide candor. Further, their players, the so-called student-athletes, deserve answers. They shouldn’t have to question whether they have been unknowing accomplices, or pawns, in an unfair game. They deserve to know that they win or lose fairly.

Lamar Jackson deserves to know that his historic, Heisman season should not be clouded by corrupt casino owners who have been stacking the decks.

We deserve better than this Tom. We deserve better than you.