Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd (9/26)

Sep 26, 2018 at 10:26 am
aluminum factory

Let’s play two card Matty  |  Thorn 

First, Gov. Matt “Slick” Bevin convinced lawmakers to approve a $15-million investment of your money for an aluminum factory without revealing the purpose before they voted. Republicans typically moan about governments picking winners and losers, but not this time. Now, it turns out, Braidy Industries Inc. “hasn’t raised anything close to the $1.68 billion needed to complete construction of the plant,” WDRB’s Chris Otts wrote. So it needs to borrow up to $1 billion from the federal government and receive $500 million in credit from the German government... Does that make Bevin a Social Democrat? But even that won’t be enough government money. So now it wants investors to buy $400 million in stock, Otts wrote.

Flipping the bird to Occupy ICE  |  Thorn 

Occupy ICE protesters were removed from their encampment because, police and city officials claimed, they were blocking the sidewalks. Bird scooters, under an agreement with the city, are not supposed to block sidewalks. We all know that is not happening. Metro Councilman Bill Hollander posted this photo with the tweet: “Hey @BirdRide, my district in Louisville has a very large blind and visually impaired community. Barrier-free sidewalks are really important and we need to keep them clear of parked - and moving - scooters. This is not acceptable.” Seems like the city, again, has a double standard: freedom of assembly, bad... freedom of commerce, good.

Louisville’s birdbrain tweets  |  Absurd 

Rick “Schtupy” Pitino crawled into the 20th century of technology by joining Twitter. He immediately embarrassed himself by referring to his followers as “Pitweetos.” Isn’t that a new microwave snack?

Run for the sardines  |  Thorn 

How many more people can Churchill Downs pack in? If they pay a lot of money — an endless number, apparently. The track announced it is adding a 20,000-square-foot rooftop “garden” with reserved seating for more than 250 “guests” and about 250 more if they stand (or even more if they are skinny.)