Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (6/4)

Jun 4, 2020 at 11:08 am
kentucky masks

Thorn: No soldiers in The West End

Send soldiers, weekend soldiers at that, into The West End to break up a parking lot party? What could go wrong? Someone was killed — David McAtee, a beloved, neighborhood barbecue seller. Cops now claim a video shows him shooting. It may be he had a gun and he may have even shot first, but that does not excuse Mayor Greg Fischer’s police force and Gov. Andy Beshear’s National Guard from leaving actual protests downtown (against police brutality) to march into The West End and disperse, what? A curfew-breaking, parking lot party? Downtown, shots are answered with tear gas. In The West End? Live ammo.

Thorn: Rewards for piss-poor job

Despite his glaring, fatal ineptitude and the loss of confidence from everyone in the city but Fischer, police Chief Steve Conrad was going to be allowed to retire at the end of June. But the pressure became even too much for Fischer as police began using unreasonable force on protesters — and then shot and killed someone (David McAtee) without body cameras on or in use. So, Fischer finally fired Conrad, several years too late. Guess what? The ex chief can still collect on his accumulated time off, and his pension will not be affected by the firing, WDRB reported.

Thorn: Putting the frat in FOP

Whoever tweets for the River City FOP, or fraternal order of police, the cop’s union, must be a ‘roided-up brah, as some on force seem to be, if their actions during protests are any measure. Here is how the FOP reacted to Fischer’s announcement that he wants an independent review of the LMPD: “Maybe @louisvillemayor should put out an RFP to review his corrupt administration that cares about NO ONE in the city. @louisvillemayor may pretend to be compassionate, but he’s allowing good people of all races and neighborhoods to be victimized by violent criminals.“

Absurd: Hold my tear gas, Coronavirus

Coronavirus anyone? Is that still a thing? Certainly, there has been no social distancing at the protests. Masks did more than obscure identities. And maybe tear gas wards off infections. Guess we will see in two weeks. That is when a plague of locusts is due.

Rose: We will miss you, chef

Kathy Cary, chef and owner at Lilly’s Bistro on Bardstown Road, is retiring. She is the Godmother of Fine Dining in Louisville. It may be hyperbolic to say, but without her, Louisvillians might still think rolled oysters are haute cuisine. Happy travels, Kathy.