Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best And Most Absurd (6/30)

Jun 30, 2021 at 11:24 am
Thorns & Roses
Thorns & Roses

Rose: We're Happy You're Safe, Quintez

Quintez Brown’s family has reported that they have been safely reunited with the local activist who went missing on June 19. No explanation given or needed. We’re just glad he’s all right.

Thorn: Vandalized Memorials 

The “Say Their Names” mural — a painting depicting  Black people who were recently killed by the police, including Breonna Taylor, David McAtee and George Floyd  — was recently vandalized. Someone painted light blue over several faces on the mural, which is on a building at the corner of 11th and Main Streets. Although no one was caught, the words “Patriot Front” were also painted in white during the vandalism. The Patriot Front are a neo-fascist hate group known for violent, slimy and pathetic actions that often include propaganda and graffiti. A recent BuzzFeed News investigation on the extremist group revealed them to be very active with terrifying intentions. We hope the city government is looking into this. 

Thorn: Your Racism Is Showing, Kentucky

You’re not really helping your cause, racists who say you’re not racists, when you single out Black, Kentucky reporters who are just doing their job. At a protest about critical race theory before a JCPS board meeting last Tuesday, a woman said “we don’t see color of skin,” before serendipitously directing her attention to a Black reporter from WLKY, Shaquille Lord, to ask him — unprompted — if he thought he deserved reparations. The next day, WDRB anchor Grace Hayba tweeted that she had received a message from a high school graduate, calling her the n-word and telling her to “Go back to Africa” and that “WDRB is for White folks only.” What does it say when Black journalists in Louisville can’t be out in public or on TV without facing racist abuse and questions? The logical conclusion would be that we haven’t progressed as far as a society as these people probably claim we have. 

Thorn: Send The Money, SBA

The SBA’s weekly data report about the Save Our Stages Act funds hasn’t changed since last week’s report. According to their spreadsheet, only two organizations have received funds locally. Getting money into the hands of indie music and entertainment venues desperate to keep their doors open should be the priority, but the process of distributing the funds from the $16 billion grant program has been plagued by excuses, website crashes and likely plain old-fashioned, American bullshit bureaucracy. Venues are frustrated and relief can’t come soon enough. Get it together SBA. Your self-imposed deadline was weeks ago.