Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (6/23)

Jun 23, 2021 at 10:26 am
Thorns & Roses
Thorns & Roses

Absurd: Fischer Gone Fishing

The definition of “Gone Fishing” according to Urban Dictionary: “1. To checkout from reality. To be unaware of what’s going on.” Well, last week, WAVE 3 News’ Dawne Gee had Mayor “Gone” Fischer on to discuss his assertion that “the media has created a perception that downtown is not safe.” Fischer told Gee that the media’s focus on violence and last year’s protests is responsible for creating the misperception that that’s all that is going on downtown. “The representation that that’s all of downtown is just wrong,” Fischer said. Gee pushed back, asking, “So, have you heard anyone say that? I have not heard any media say ‘all of downtown is dangerous.’” Fischer, literally chuckling, responded, “You’re in a little bit of media denial here right now.” OK, to be totally fair, there is a saying about local TV news: “If it bleeds it leads.” However, that isn’t what happened last year, and it definitely doesn’t excuse Fischer deflecting blame to refurbish his legacy. And to challenge Dawne Gee’s ability to be objective… well, that’s just wrong. In fact, we have a better local TV news rule: If you you’re arguing with Dawne Gee, you’ve lost me… and this community. But Fischer’s been “gone fishing” for awhile now. 

Rose: Thank God Beshear Won - Part 560

Gov. Andy Beshear has been in office for 560 days as we go to press, today, Tuesday, June 22. And boy are we grateful for every single one of those days. This week, in particular, because Beshear announced the state will not be ending or reducing the extra $300 in weekly unemployment benefits provided by the federal government. “The extra $300 puts $34 million in our economy every week,”  Beshear pointed out at a press conference last week.” Beshear also announced he will be rolling out an incentive program to encourage people. So let’s see, he’s looking out for people while they’re unemployed, while also helping them once they do go back to work… it’s almost as though he cares about the people of this state. Could you imagine what would have happened if the other guy had won? (Hint: No unemployment, no incentive to hustle back to a low-wage job and a heavy does of heartless condescension.)

Thorn: Just Get The Shot, You Cowards

Indiana University is requiring students and faculty to be vaccinated before returning to campus in the fall. On Monday, a group of eight students filed a federal lawsuit claiming that violated the 14th Amendment. In the complaint, they also claim the vaccine does more harm than good for people under 30, which, you know, anyone with more than three braincells knows is complete bullshit. Apparently witnessing millions of people dying from COVID didn’t shake the selfish individualism baked into this country. Get the shot, and let’s all move past this. It’s not difficult or dangerous. 

Rose: A Bug’s Life

The cicadas are starting to dwindle. We can’t say that we’ll miss the shenanigans of Brood X… What a weird fucking year.