Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd (4/29)

Apr 29, 2020 at 1:53 pm
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Absurd: Blimey! Protesters are prats!

Protesters returned to Frankfort last week but not to harass Gov. Andy, at least not directly. If you could believe one speaker, they were there to exhort “David Cameron” to stop the good governor from trying to save lives. What they likely meant was Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Unless they meant the former British prime minister by that name.

Thorn: Defense A shot in the dark

The Louisville lawyer who allegedly threatened Gov. Andy will fight the charge. Gregory James Troutman’s lawyer claims his postings on social media do not qualify as terroristic threatening, according to The Courier Journal. “He didn’t say he was going to kill him,” the lawyer said. “Just because times are scary we cannot overreact. And trying to restrict somebody’s free speech rights … is an overreaction when what they say doesn’t meet the elements of a crime.” Police say Troutman allegedly wrote that Beshear should be asked about William Goebel, the state’s 34th governor who was assassinated. Troutman also allegedly wrote that at a Frankfort rally “with any luck the Gov with be the one at whom the shooting will be directed.”

Thorn: is it journalism or baiting, because... here’s the beef

CJ political reporter Phillip Bailey was quick to tweet the response of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office to U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth who had criticized the senator for threatening Kentucky and all states with bankruptcy rather than offering federal aid. “ZING!” Bailey tweeted, along with a McConnell spokesman’s claim: “On the day @RepJohnYarmuth was golfing at an exclusive club back in #Louisville, other members of the House had traveled to D.C. to pass the CARES Act, a bill crafted and shepherded by Leader McConnell ... “ No waiting for a comment from Yarmuth (LEO’s founder) before tweeting. An hour later, Bailey tweeted an unnamed source “close” to McConnell said: “One person leads! The other putts!” Two hours later, he tweeted that Yarmuth’s office denied he was golfing and was ready to fly if needed to vote. Waiting for both sides and holding McConnell’s staff accountable for its lie would have been journalism but maybe less fun if your goal is to bait and provoke zingers and beefs fomented by staff and unnamed sources. Or, as Bailey tweeted:  “The McConnell-Yarmuth beef is the best beef. ”

Absurd: Gov. Andy’s seen Better Dayz

Gov. Andy said fake names such as Tupac Shakur were slowing unemployment claims. Turns out that Shakur is a laid-off cook, the Lexington Herald-Leader wrote.