Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best And Most Absurd (4/14)

Apr 14, 2021 at 10:04 am
kentucky masks

Absurd: Mayor Jung’s “Meandering Discourse” 

In an op-ed published last week, Bonnie Jung, mayor of Douglass Hills and president of Jefferson County League of Cities had a lot to say. Among Jung’s grievances was when Metro police were reassigned from suburban neighborhoods last summer to help with downtown protests, claiming, “residents of unincorporated Jefferson County could practically claim taxation without representation.” As best we could tell, she was advocating for House Bill 309. For the citizens of unincorporated Jefferson County, “HB 309 would have restored to these residents the same basic right to form an entity of self-government and economic structure that began when cities were first created as part of the Neolithic Revolution in 10,000 B.C. It’s that simple,” according to Jung. Wow! That simple, huh? Jung failed to mention that HB 309 was also the bill that would have made Louisville’s mayoral elections nonpartisan, nor did she mention that it was the fault of the Republican supermajority to craft a bill so simple that it failed to even receive a vote. She did, however, take the first three paragraphs to air her grievances with Courier columnist Joe Gerth, who apparently misspelled Douglass Hills incorrectly (with one “-s” instead of two) in a March 19 column. “Gerth lost an opportunity to illuminate with a cogent journalistic piece,” Jung wrote. “Instead his words dissolved into meandering discourse.” Perhaps if Jung focused more on making a cogent point, and less on airing her personal grievances with Gerth, her words wouldn’t have dissolved into meandering discourse.    

Rose: NuLu Springs Eternal

We’re so happy to see friends, family and smiling faces, again (even though we’re not there yet, folks! Stay safe a little longer.) We’re also excited about all of the activity springing up in NuLu. Recently, Gateway to NuLu opened, a mixed-use space for community co-working, food and beverage experiences, fitness, child care and other amenities. Gateway is also home to some of Louisville’s most advanced technology companies. This was soon followed by the opening of Everyday Kitchen, a restaurant serving modern comfort food, and the Clever Moose Cafe. But it didn’t stop there! Last week, city leaders attended the grand opening of NuLu Marketplace, which will serve as a destination for food and drinks, craft and boutique shops, Airbnb rentals and office spaces. New eating and drinking attractions include Emmy Squared Detroit-style pizza, Gertie’s Whiskey Bar, Torino’s Sandwich Bar and Lexington-based West Sixth Brewing. And, most recently, Louisville’s iconic Seafood Lady opened its third cajun seafood location in NuLu. And there’s more coming. 

Rose: A Run For Booker?

Although he came up just short in last year’s U.S. Senate Democratic primary to Amy McGrath, who eventually failed to unseat incumbent Mitch McConnell, Charles Booker is thinking about another run. The progressive recently announced that he’s forming an exploratory committee to weigh running against Kentucky’s other Republican sitting Senator, Rand Paul. Paul, who is slightly less evil and considerably more stupid than McConnell, has been a thorn in the state’s side, with his weirdo Tea Party antics that disregard science and logic and basic societal needs. We hope Booker runs. Kentucky needs new leadership. Leadership that has brains and heart.