Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd (4/10)

Apr 10, 2019 at 10:18 am
Ohio River

The Thin black and blue line  |  Thorn 

The viral YouTube video showing a black teenager being pulled out of his car for allegedly making a wide turn underscores a key debate about policing in Louisville: Should traffic stops be used as a crime deterrent? It seems everyone but the police say: No! It is safe to assume that this latest incident, reported by the Courier Journal, is just one of hundreds, maybe thousands, in which officers use a minor — perhaps nonexistent — traffic violation to roust African Americans in West Louisville. A law professor told the CJ that what happened is “an excellent example of the difference between lawful policing and good policing.”

Council Idiots Über Alles  |  Thorn 

Unless you are rich enough to swim at Lakeside or another private pool or have enough penicillin to brave the Ohio River, expect this summer to be long, hot and especially dry. Four public pools will not open because 15 idiots on the Metro Council think that a tax increase of about $12 a month is too much. This is just the beginning. Expect to lose other services, including libraries, yard waste pickup, help for the elderly and homeless and police and fire protection. Put down your $5 Starbucks Entitledchino, call your council members to complain — and vote them out next time.

A (pot)tential governor?  |  Rose

We have not gotten behind any Democratic candidate for governor yet, but each of them would be better than Bevin or state Rep. Robert “A Gun In Every Day-Care” Goforth. Yet, we gladly give a rose to Democrat Adam Edelen for being the only candidate so far to call for decriminalizing marijuana so “we stop spending millions locking people up and tearing apart families as punishment for recreational marijuana use.” He wants to decriminalize possession of less than half an ounce for personal use; replace incarceration for personal use possession with civil fines of up to $100; and seal records for nonviolent, non-repeat offenders.

Lou City: Sponsor more cows  |  Thorn 

The old saying goes something like this: If there is a homophobe at the table, and 10 people are talking to him, you have a table with 11 homophobes. Do the right thing, Louisville City FC — refuse to sit at the table with Chick-fil-A. Believe us — free chicken biscuits will leave a bad taste for your fans.