Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Oct 25, 2017 at 11:17 am
Bevin Tweets

Lube up for Bevin  |  Thorn

Gov. Matt “Oblivous” Bevin sure likes to call people names. We wonder where he learned that? (tRump.) But while he acts like a schoolyard bully, he has not told us how he intends to pay for his pension fix. Certainly, it means cuts to programs he hates — like arts education. Maybe he will overcome the GOP Taxophobia and add a penny to every tube of personal lube... You know, for when we all get...

As it should be...  |  Rose

Upset over Tom Jurich’s ouster, a benefactor withdrew an estimated $6.3 million donation to UofL athletics, leaving more for his other beneficiaries. The UofL School of Music and Norton Children’s Hospital were to get a 30-percent share, but “both stand to gain a 45 percent share of a fund that has grown as the stock market has appreciated,” The CJ reported.

Cut that gordian traffic knot  |  Thorn

Who in city government coordinates street closures with events and construction? No one, obvs... A running event and I-65 work bedeviled motorists and bus riders this past weekend. Most affected were the people who had to get to work to serve the people who had the luxury of running around for fun.

Eat fast, recycle, die young  |  Absurd

The city will begin accepting fast-food containers for recycling. That gives you a sense of how much of this crap we download into our Big Mac holes.

Freddie’s 220 no more  |  Thorn

To mourn the closure of Freddie’s 220, a haiku: Freddie’s dark and cool Cheap whiskey, Sinatra vibe Found me there, no more