Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

May 29, 2019 at 10:00 am
The Kentucky Derby

Missing: CJ’s common sense  |  Thorn 

LEO is all for providing disparate, even radical and objectionable viewpoints on our pages, but transparency, intellectual honesty, accuracy and context are crucial. The CJ should practice that on its op-ed page. First, it gets a perpetual thorn for running that hack insanity from Jordan Harris, the Koch brother-addled head of the so-called think tank, the Pegasus Institute. His last rant was about the “Green Scare,” how working to stem climate change will impoverish the world by “weaponizing the issue in the hopes of eroding public trust in the market economy ... ” Oh, the outrage that must have drawn from CJ readers, because the paper then devoted a page to rebuttals about a week later. It should have provided rebuttals when his pap was first printed, or, better yet, flushed it immediately. Then, the paper failed to disclose that a UofL doctor who defended vaping in an op-ed holds an endowed chair paid for by tobacco companies. And we cannot forget our favorite conservative, Scott Jennings, a sometimes contributor to LEO, who wrote in the CJ that Trump isn’t so bad because Democrats lie, too. Now, for the latest head-scratcher: The paper allowed The Family Foundation to accuse the public library of child “abuse” because of its drag queen storytime event — “It’s foolish to bring kids into the sexual world of adults.” So... you mean an adult dressing as a bunny rabbit to read stories to children would be promoting bestiality?! If the CJ felt obligated to print that trash, then it should have provided a response or opposing view alongside of it. Is anyone in charge at the paper?

Not funny... but this is funny  |  Absurd 

“The owner of the life-size replica of Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky has sued its insurers for refusing to cover, of all things … rain damage,” the CJ reported for the laugh. Alas, the story then says that rain damaged a road, not the ark. So, not funny. What one LEO wag said is funny:  “God’s flood game has gotten weak.”

Old jokes also not funny  |  Absurd 

We love The New Yorker. But its satirical “The Kentucky Derby: An Oral History” was not funny. The piece imagines what the horses said after the race. War of Will explained that the bumping happened after he asked Maximum Security: Why the long face? Said War of Will: “Now, I think it is hilarious, but he says, ‘Seriously?’ And that’s when he put his butt in my face.”