Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Dec 6, 2017 at 11:19 am
Haymarket Whiskey Bar

Can you say: narcissist?  |  Absurd

In a disappointing, absurd turn of events, Haymarket Whiskey Bar reopened last week, with owner Matthew Landan behind the stick and protesters marching outside. About the same time, his attorney filed a lawsuit stemming from allegations on Facebook that Landan had raped women. Landan has denied any wrongdoing, and he may prevail in court, but we have to wonder: What makes him think his bar could succeed now that the court of public opinion has ruled against him?

City must find a cure, not apply a bandage  |  Rose, Thorn

We give a rose to Councilman Bill Hollander for filing an ordinance that would bar homeless encampments from being cleared without notice, and give people there protection for their belongings. We give a thorn to the city for failing to fund enough affordable housing, shelters, counseling and whatever else to keep people from sleeping rough. The proposed ordinance is like treating the sick but refusing them vaccines.

Insider Louisville goes from no profit to nonprofit?  |  Absurd

Insider Louisville, a digital news site, has gone nonprofit... officially. Was it ever profitable? IL says in the announcement that “ ... Insider has more than 150,000 monthly readers from its daily newsletters, Twitter and Facebook followers, website visitors ... ” LEO, our office cat, gets more hits on his Catster page. So... if you donate $50 to IL, you become an INfluencer member (for “leaders executives”), which means, among other things, you get to attend “Coffee Conversations” with the managing editor and “editorial team.” Seriously, we wish IL the best. Competition is good.

It’s a dangerous day in the neighborhood  |  Absurd

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says he had not talked with his neighbor for 10 years before being attacked. Really? Maybe Mr. Paul should be more Mr. Rogers (likely not an Ayn Rand fan), and less Mr. Burns (an Ayn Rand fan).

‘Little boxes all the same’  |  Thorn

The Metro Council finally passed its tree ordinance after nearly two years of delay. It won’t stop developers from clear-cutting trees. By the time the council ends that practice, no more trees will be left.