Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Oct 30, 2019 at 10:08 am

Thorn: Nonstop Flightiness

News about Gov. Matt Bevin’s use of a state plane for political and state business is interesting and worth reporting but not outrageous given that past governors did the same, and it is... legal. Why isn’t the Democratic Party focusing instead on his bizarre behavior, arrogance, perfidiousness and robotic lack of empathy? Even some of Kentucky’s Trump supporters have had enough with Bevin. A retired nurse who typically votes red told The Washington Post she is upset by Bevin’s treatment of teachers. “It was the most outrageous, ridiculous thing I’ve seen a human being do to other human beings,” she said, adding that she wouldn’t vote for Bevin even if Trump personally asked her to do so. “I would tell President Trump to his face, ‘Why are you even supporting this jerk?’”

Absurd: Bevin, A Know-It-All Idiot

Speaking of Bevin’s talent for doubling down on untruths, he asserted in a recent debate that he did not say, “Every night somewhere in America, somebody takes their life in a casino because they’ve wasted the last semblance of dignity and hope that they had.” The problem for him is that he actually did say it during a radio interview that was recorded. Everyone misspeaks, and he wouldn’t be the first politician to use hyperbole to make a point. Yet, with his signature arrogance shining to the world like an orangutan’s ass, Bevin could not take a tiny step back by admitting this, even if he then could have made his larger point about casinos: He thinks they hurt society.

Rose: What Reece said

Dupont Manual High School student Reece Gunther wrote in a Manual RedEye op-ed that he does not believe the school should celebrate its five-star state rating with a T-shirt. He pointed out that students at Manual, as a magnet school, gets to pick who attends. “Because of this, the school shouldn’t earn anything less than five stars.” The excitement over the rating “is respectable, but T-shirts that boast the achievement only make Manual seem proud of coming out on top of a race that they had no business participating in.”

Absurd: Your package will be late!

The Third Street Bridge opens another can.  |  Photo by Aaron Rosenblum. - Aaron Rosenblum
Aaron Rosenblum
The Third Street Bridge opens another can. | Photo by Aaron Rosenblum.