Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

May 8, 2019 at 10:53 am
Bevin was drowned out by boos

Maximum (bad) exposure  |  Thorn 

Regardless of whether you think the stewards were good stewards of the Derby, the Santa Anita Park horse deaths and Maximum Insecurity made the race more than a news brief worldwide. And not in a good way. The New York Times wrote horse racing “now faces an uncertain future after a surge in fatalities ... ”A Washington Post headline: “At Churchill Downs, hopes that horse racing’s biggest day can wash away its grim winter.” And, whenever tRump comments on something, it cannot be good. It was not. The Guardian in England wrote on tRump’s tweet: “Trump did not state whether he had any money on Maximum Security to win, or whether he believed any of the horses were allowed into the race due to affirmative action.”

Boo... boomshakalaka  |  Rose 

Just as LEO Executive Editor Aaron Yarmuth predicted, Gov. Matt “Elected on the Bell Curve” Bevin was drowned out by boos during his remarks at the Derby. It is becoming as much of a tradition as is singing “My Old Kentucky Home.” We hope that Bevin and the song will go away next year.

Some heroes wear T-shirts  |  Rose

Shauna Humm wore her “You Can’t Fix Stupid” T-shirt specifically to get a photo with him during the Pegasus Parade, according to her daughter Angel Humm Coleman, who captured the moment, which became an instant Facebook fav.
Photo by Angel Humm Coleman
Photo by Angel Humm Coleman

Our favorite Courier Journal headline for the derby... ouch!  |  Absurd 

Courier Journal Headline
Courier Journal Headline

If you are Uterus, you are against us  |  Thorn 

“Uterus” is one of many words that will get you blocked on Bevin’s social media, ACLU lawyers suing him say.