Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

May 30, 2018 at 10:54 am
Kentucky Center reopen

What was your excuse?  |  Thorn

Only about one in four registered voters cast a ballot in last week’s primary. For some races, the primary was the general election. That means that a mere fraction of you anointed someone to make everyone’s laws... again. Certainly, not everyone who stayed home actually stayed home — childcare, jobs and lack of transportation make voting difficult in the age of apps. Why not move elections to weekends or allow them to take place over two days?

Nanny State vs. Ninny Goats  |  Absurd

Democrats on the Metro Council barely passed (13-11) an ordinance that forces restaurants selling children’s menus to include: a “non-fried fruit or vegetables, a whole grain product or a lean protein or one two-ounce serving of nuts, seeds, dry beans, peas or one egg” and either “a water, sparkling water, flavored water with no added natural or artificial sweeteners or milk product,” Courier Journal reported. The stick is a fine of up to $100. Mayor Greg Fischer intends to sign it into law because, his spokeswoman said, “He supports encouraging restaurants to focus on healthy options, as another tool for parents wanting to ensure their children’s health.” His opponent in November, Councilwoman Angela Leet, voted against it: “Our parents need to be able to say no to children and learn how to say no ... Requiring someone other than parents in this community to be held accountable [for decisions] that parents should be making is simply ridiculous to me.” Doesn’t the council have something else to spend time on... the homicide and heroin plagues?

Money Matters  |  Thorn

The Steering Committee for Action on Louisville’s Agenda, or SCALA, is not just a group of citizens who simply want a voice in local matters, but happen to be wealthy. CJ reporter Tom Loftus wrote that a super PAC called Bluegrass Fund has inserted itself into school board races at a time when the state is poised to take over public schools. He found that the largest donor was Humana cofounder and SCALA architect David Jones Sr., who — with his wife — gave $325,000. Also donating, Loftus reported, was another SCALA leader, Sandra Frazier, founder of Tandem Public Relations and the former treasurer of Bluegrass Fund, who contributed $125,000, and her mother, who gave $150,000. This is why we all should be afraid of SCALA.