Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Nov 15, 2017 at 11:41 am
Mitch McConnell Roy Moore

We agree?  |  Absurd

It pains us to say, but we agree with U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell and senatorial candidate Roy Moore, who each say the other should step down.

Conflict and contradiction  |  Thorn

Metro Council President David Yates led the botching of the Councilman Dan Johnson debacle. Meanwhile, Yates, a lawyer, is suing the city (the city he represents as a councilman) on behalf of former police Explorer Scouts who allege sexual abuse. As local activist Jaison Ashley Gardner wrote: “Do you expect us to ignore the contradiction and irony of your own lawsuit against the city for young people who were victimized, while you fail to pursue justice with that same fervor for your colleague who was also victimized?”

Don’t tread on rand...  |  Absurd

Everyone remembers Aqua Buddha... And those dangerously wacky, Libertarian-posing-as-Republican views from Kentucky’s junior senator Rand Paul. In his personal life, he also has made enemies, like the neighbor who is accused of tackling him, breaking six ribs.

Gotham weeps  |  Rose

We will miss Democratic state Rep. Jim Wayne, who says he is not seeking reelection, ending nearly three decades of fighting for The Highlands and South Louisville. He is a strong, progressive voice against an increasingly right-wing, petulant chorus in the House.

Calling a Fowler  |  Thorn

One big take away from ace environmental reporter James Bruggers’ piece on the Metro Council’s failure to pass a tree ordinance a year after it was introduced is... the ordinance has been stalled all year in the public works committee, led by Councilwoman Cindy Fowler. And Fowler wouldn’t comment for the Courier Journal story. Cindy, don’t we have a right to know what is holding up the ordinance??

The right-wing ingredients  |  Thorn

Papa John Schnatter and the Charles Koch Foundation are giving UK $12 million for the John H. Schnatter Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise and naming rights for an atrium. UofL got money for a similar purpose earlier. Free enterprise? Like blaming poor sales of his shitty pizza on people who support footballers who kneel for justice. Vote with your $$$!