Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Aug 1, 2018 at 10:50 am
Kentucky Center reopen

Keep up the pressure  |  Rose

A bouquet of roses to Occupy ICE for finding new ways to protest the actions of this rogue agency. Nine members were arrested while trying to block entrance to the new deportation court in the Heyburn Building at Broadway and Fourth Street, and police pushed others out of a second encampment, this one at a park near the ICE office on Seventh Street. Even the smallest protests can move public opinion and policy.

Cry me a white river  |  Thorn

The demoted principal of DuPont Manual High School, Gerald “Jerry” Mayes, is fighting the school district, claiming he is the victim of “a lot of pressure from the black community ...”  and because he is white. A district investigation found that Mayes had displayed a “trend of offensive, inappropriate, unprofessional and racially charged comments.” For instance, in a discussion with students about NFL players kneeling, he asserted he has faced racial discrimination. “Listen, I’ve been discriminated against because I was white. That ain’t right,” he said, adding that he had “lost four jobs because I was white.” Jerry, you may lose another... just because you are an asshole. (Speaking of which, add CJ op-ed writer Bob Heleringer who says Mayes is a victim of a “culture war.”)

Night of the long knaves  |  Thorn

Let us connect the dots: Tony Lindauer, Jefferson County’s property valuation administrator, is under investigation by a state office that oversees equal employment opportunity and contract compliance, the Courier Journal reported. It’s the result of an anonymous complaint. Lindauer’s office has been battling Gov. Matt Bevin over the value of his mansion. Bevin bought it and land from a campaign donor whom the governor appointed to a state pension board and who has invested $300,000 in a company partly owned by Bevin, the CJ reported. Lindauer says the property is valued at much more than Bevin paid. And now... an office in Bevin’s administration is investigating Lindauer. Get it?