Thorns & Roses: The worst, Best, & Most Absurd

Feb 26, 2020 at 11:32 am
kentucky masks

Rose: Bevin-Proofing Kentucky

The General Assembly has demonstrated it has less sense than a bag of hair, but it may have found a clear line to prevent the fiasco of pardons and sentence commutations that Gov.-reject Matt Bevin foisted upon the state in the waning days of his reign. This bill would preserve the governor’s ability to issue pardons, which defense attorneys have said is a valuable stopgap in a judicial system that isn’t always just or even a system. But it would prevent a governor from granting pardons or commuting sentences 30 days prior to a gubernatorial election through the end of their term. This would have allowed voters to learn before the election, for instance, that Bevin had pardoned a convicted killer whose family raised $21,500 for his re-election, as The Courier Journal reported.

Rose: Senate, Don’t Bogart That Bill! 

The state House made history by passing a medical marijuana bill.  We will take a hit and hold our breath until the Senate also passes it — or we pass out.

Rose: Andy Likes To Like Everyone

We’ve poked Gov. Andy Beshear plenty for his Ned Flanders-like demeanor, but seriously, his civility is refreshing at a time in our state and nation when... well, you know. More important, Beshear is on the correct side of a lot of issues, among them LGBTQ rights. He gets a rose for being the first sitting governor to attend an annual Fairness Rally in Frankfort. He supports bills for statewide fairness law and to ban “conversion therapy.” He said: “As governor, it’s my job to make sure every single Kentuckian counts.”

Thorn: Andy Takes Cover On Gun Bill

But, then, Beshear signed into law a bill that requires school cops to carry guns. He could have let the bill sit on his desk and let it become law without his signature. But the bill passed the Senate 34-1 and the House 78-8, so he would have had to buck his own party. In a statement, he offered Milquetoast succor for civil rights activists and others who oppose the bill: “[W]e understand that there are some children in our schools that don’t feel safe because of the presence of an armed officer. And that is something we must address.”

Thorn: CJ’s Tepid Take On Hot Chicken

Like a hungry Rip Van Winkle, The CJ has just awoken to discover “Why Nashville hot chicken is dominating Louisville restaurant menus.” Conspicuously missing from the story and long list was Indi’s, the city’s go-to local chain for spicy hot chicken since the mid ‘80s. Also Chicken King. Also Kings Famous Fried Chicken...