Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Jan 23, 2019 at 10:37 am
Donald Trump

Yanny or Laurel? both...  |  Thorn 

Here is our take on The Great Covington Catholic High School Trouble: Many acted poorly, but those kids and chaperones need to apologize. And not just for wearing a MAGA hat and attending a pro-life rally.

Fakebook  |  Absurd 

Finally... don’t immediately believe everything on Facebook and Twitter.

‘It’s my party, and i’ll cry if I want to’  |  Rose 

Retired state Supreme Court Justice Daniel Venters, who describes himself as a conservative Republican, took issue with Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s attack on the Court, which struck down the pension bill. “If the Governor’s fake news succeeds in undermining your faith in the Courts by bullying judges into submission, who will next stand guard when Constitutional law affecting you and your family is ignored?” Venters wrote in an op-ed. Another justice, Bill Cunningham, earlier told the Courier Journal: “What Gov. Bevin says goes by you like the idle wind, and I don’t think people pay a lot of attention to what he says.”

Thanks, O’Trump!  |  Thorn 

Donald Trump closes the government and then causes Interstate 64 near downtown to close because of graffiti.
Graffiti removal on I-64
Graffiti removal on I-64

The amazing, shrinking CJ  |  Thorn 

The printed version of the CJ no longer has a freestanding USA Today section, but Editor Rick Green spun it (clearly with talking points used by other Gannett properties): E-subscribers now get the entire USA Today paper! “I hope you enjoy this new offer, and that it helps you feel more connected to the world around you,” Green wrote. Really? Monday’s printed paper had one national story — and a giant (beautiful) photo of the blood wolf moon. Less is more. Up is down. How long before the CJ gets rid of the printed paper?