Thorns and Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Apr 12, 2017 at 11:11 am
Thorns and Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Former felons for Bevie  |  Rose

We rarely agree with Gov. Matt Bevin, but here it goes: Good move renewing the process by which felons, who have served their sentences, can apply to restore their civil rights. We know Bevin’s Bible-compass logic about redemption led him to do this, but whatever... This will allow more ex-felons to vote, and you can bet they’ll tick off that GOP box. Not.

Resist 45 — play it again  |  Rose

To person or people behind the “Resist 45” billboards seen around the city — we approve.

Smoking lamp will stay on  |  Thorn

A new poll found that 71 percent of Kentuckians support a statewide a ban on smoking in most public places, which is up 5 points from the last poll and up 17 points from 2011. Unfortunately, a state built on tobacco will be slow to adopt any ban.

Two birds in the hand...  |  Thorn

Courier-Journal columnist Bridget Bush keeps touching the third-rail of liberal consciousness. It is as if she were writing for LEO. Her latest, a proposal to defund PBS, is flawed, however. Many of its shows, cannot be found anywhere on the streaming spectrum. “Comment on Kentucky,” “Kentucky Health,” “Liberty Hall of Kentucky,” “Kentucky Life,” “Kentucky Afield,” “World of Our Own: Kentucky Folkways,” “A History of Kentucky In 25 Objects” and more. They are not on Hulu and are free, if you have an antenna.

Missed opportunity, CJ  |  Rose & Thorn

A rose goes to CJ detective-reporter Tom Loftus for breaking the story about Bevin’s apparent hush-hush purchase of an Anchorage house at an unusually low cost from a campaign donor who also is an investment banker whom Bevin appointed to a board overseeing billions in investments. A thorn to The CJ for failing to write an editorial on it. But a rose to The Lexington Herald-Leader for writing one.

The cat ranch?  |  Just Absurd

The Monkey Wrench has closed. Sad. You can lease it for $5,500 a month. As one Facebook pundit noted, “So much for turning it into my Cat Cafe. Oh, the deck would make a mighty fine catio!” As long as it is not another drug store, gas station, hookah lounge, vape-head shop or tattoo parlor.