Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Nov 8, 2017 at 10:55 am
Councilman Dan Johnson

Clown car politicians  |  Thorn

That the Metro City Council let accused groper Councilman Dan Johnson remain employed is bad enough. But the reason is outrageous. The council did not understand the state law for removing him, claiming lawmakers made it vague and created the risk of an appeal. We say the council should have held the trial, booted his too-often-seen ass and not worried about appeal. As Councilwoman Jessica Green, an alleged groping victim, told Courier Journal: “All women in this city are victims of the unwillingness to send a message that this behavior will not be accepted.”

Hoover, damn it!  |  Absurd

As he resigned as House speaker, state Rep. Jeff Hoover denied he is guilty of sexual harassment (see a theme here?) for explicit texts to an employee. “I did make mistakes in that I engaged in inappropriate text messages. I engaged in banter that was consensual. … ,” he said. Ugh.  This is why sexual harassment continues. Let’s spell it out: Any such activity with an employee is sexual harassment. Just stop!

Lou-mad men gone mad  |  Thorn

...And the award for Tone-Deaf Advertising goes to... The American Advertising Federation of Louisville. Its promotion for the name changing of its annual advertising awards to ADDY from Louie said: “Come support Louie as he goes through his transition.” The Federation Facebooked: “...we were unthoughtful with our representation of the transgender community. We deeply regret the offense that it has caused.” The ad has been spiked, it said.

There is no ‘the’ there...  |  Absurd

Have you noticed the “The” is gone from The Courier-Journal masthead (and the hyphen)? Guess that means just one less definite article in... uh, Courier Journal. Seriously, the new name will take getting used to, but then, after all, no one says The Humana.