Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd (1/30)

Jan 30, 2019 at 9:54 am
Gov. Matt Bevin

Not bad, just dressed that way?  |  Absurd 

Roger Stone’s arrest wouldn’t typically make this local-centric column, but we must note he is a LEO reader.  When LEO’s Two Brits in The Lou called him a “tailor’s nightmare” in 2017, he wrote, “Sorry, I’m an Anderson and Sheppard man myself and far better dressed than you could ever be.”  Even in jumpsuit orange?

City smoking lamp is way lit  |  Thorn 

The Courier Journal story that found black drivers in Louisville “were cited for possession of marijuana in 2017 at six times the rate of white people” is disturbing... but, alas, not surprising. Another not-surprising fact: It analyzed 21,607 cases of people charged for having pot. And those are only the ones who got caught!

Who is history now?  |  Absurd 

Gov. Matt Bevin finally filed to run for re-election but dumped his first lieutenant governor, Jenean Hampton. You might recall Hampton told students in 2016 to focus on courses that would get them jobs. “I would not be studying history,” she said.

First, do no harm?  |  Thorn 

Sooo... Bevin will run with state Sen. Ralph Alvarado, the first “Hispanic American” elected to the General Assembly, as the CJ described him. A doctor, he also is known for sponsoring a law that the high court struck down as unconstitutional because it obstructed access to... sue doctors who screw up!

Then, run, James, run!  |  Thorn 

U.S. Rep. James Comer now says he won’t challenge Bevin in the GOP primary, but he added: “Kentucky deserves better than a governor who belittles anyone who disagrees with him, who has not set foot in many of our desperate rural communities ... “

Dr. Pray? Lil Wane?  |  Absurd 

Finally, as Bevin was filing his election papers, he joked with reporters: “Should I put my rap name?” Bevin declined to say what it would be. As one LEO wag noted, “Too bad Public Enemy is already taken.”

What makes you think that?  |  Absurd 

“Man accused of killing woman, eating body parts was insane, attorneys say” read the CJ online headline.