Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best (9/21)

Sep 21, 2016 at 3:06 pm
Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best (9/21)

Norton all too commons [Thorn] Norton Commons residents, not all, are opposing construction of a 21-unit apartment building with affordable rents. One told WFPL, which broke the story, that lower-income residents would not like living there because the restaurants are expensive and it lacks enough mass transit. “This neighborhood is not the American Dream,” she said. “This is not a panacea.” Sounds like code for discrimination and outright white-washing to us, but then such behavior is all too common. It needs to stop.

in like a leo, out like a lamb [Rose] We do not agree with WDRB General Manager Bill Lamb’s view on gay rights and his defense of Kentucky Farm Bureau policies, but we like that he aired a rebuttal from Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign. We also appreciate all of you who showed LEO love on social media for Editor Aaron Yarmuth’s take down of Lamb’s wrong-headed piece.

pride goeth before $ [Thorn & Rose] Speaking of the Farm Bureau, we love/hate its billboard that says: “Love conquers all. Even fender-benders.”  Point off, for making fun on the wrong side of the issue. Point, for reminding us where not to get insurance and why.

view from the top, tops [Rose] If you haven’t been to the North Overlook in Iroquois Park, now is the time to go. The weeds, overgrown trees and vandalism have been replaced with a stunning place to view the breadth of the city and our neighbors across the river. As LEO’s Shane Peabody Powell said: “The best park in the city has her crown back.”

Playing hot chicken [Thorn] Joella’s Hot Chicken owner Tony Palombino and chef Griffin Paulin, formerly of Rumplings, may end up in court over a harsh review of Joella’s on Paulin’s blog,, which criticizes such things as the freshness of the chix (which Palombino says is not frozen), Insider Louisville reported. He claims libel. Paulin says the review stays online, but he challenged Palombino to a hot chicken cook-off, only if the lawsuit is retracted. Any proceeds could go to charity. (Makes popcorn, then checks copy of the First Amendment to see if it has been re-amended.)