Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best

Oct 5, 2016 at 11:56 am
Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best

Keeping it Trumpy [Thorn]

Capping a loss in court to Attorney General Andy Beshear, Gov. Matt Bevin, our very own Trump-lite governor, sent him an angry text. “I would strongly suggest you get your house in order. Your office is becoming an increasing embarrassment to the commonwealth,” he wrote. If Bevin loses again in court, will he set fire to a bag of dog shit on Beshear’s porch?

He’s Allowed Near Students? [Thorn]

UK men’s basketball coach John Calipari told The Courier-Journal he doesn’t want to bias his players, but as part of a frank dialogue, they should know:  “If you hit a girl, you should get punched in the face.”

Mayor Cuts a Cheesy Joke [Rose]

Mayor Greg Fischer wagered with the Clemson mayor over some sportsball game Saturday. The mayor’s office said he bet a bottle of bourbon, and the Clemson mayor is “offering ... ummm ... cheese.” As if cheese were not good enough! To seal this shade-slinging, Fischer said: “This is one cheesy bet.”

Playing Dead to Show that Black Lives Matter [Thorn]

More than 200 UofL students took part in a die-in on campus. “I’m tired of going to class and hearing ‘Brad and Angelina broke up. ’ What about Terence [Crutcher] who got shot? We’re here to show that the black lives of UofL and their allies are ready,” an event organizer told The Louisville Cardinal.

Kentucky (not) Proud [Thorn]

Republican Dan Johnson, running for a House seat in a district including Bullitt County, was unapologetic for Faceplant posts of images that compared the Obamas to apes.  When confronted by a WDRB reporter, he replied: “Well, I’d like to know first off, what images that are being considered offensive.”  He also rejected GOP calls to leave the race.

James Bickers was 45 [Sad Rose]

James Bickers, a longtime host on WFPL and WFPK, whose steady voice was with us as we made morning coffee, fed the kids and drove to work, has died.  “James was our renaissance man: music lover, writer, philosopher, humorist and resident pop culture nerd,”  said Stacy Owen, WFPK program director.