Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best

Jul 27, 2016 at 10:53 am
Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best

Governor Baffler

Gov. Matt “Wack-a-do” Bevin’s administration has “baffled” the judge who is hearing a lawsuit over the reorganization of the UofL Board of Trustees. The Franklin Circuit judge said he won’t remove Bevin’s foe, Attorney General Andy Beshear, from the lawsuit, as he is “completely baffled” by the administration’s claims, according to The Courier-Journal. So are we.

Sen. McBoo!

U.S. Sen. Mitch “Staring into the abyss” McConnell received a smattering boos at the Republican National Convention. We are good with that, even if the boos came from disaffected Republicans who prefer Trump’s jingoistic chaos over McConnell’s recalcitrant gridlock.


Federal authorities say the merger of Humana and Aetna and another insurance company merger should be blocked to prevent what one official said in The Courier-Journal would be a “convenient shortcut to profits.” Humana and Aetna insisted a merger would offer more choices, “higher quality,” “more affordable care, and a better overall experience for consumers.” Say what? That doesn’t sound like any health insurance we’ve had.

Get aboard the training

Mayor Greg Fischer announced that city workers will undergo... er... some kind of training,  “... to recognize and eliminate implicit or unconscious bias in themselves and others, so everyone is treated fairly.” Wow! Has the mayor found the cure for bigotry?

Kentucky proud-ish

We know what some non-Kentuckians think of our fair state. That’s why we were glad that one speaker at the Republican National Convention was state Sen. Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester, the first Hispanic elected to state office here. He acquitted himself well, making us proud. But then we remembered why he was there — Trump.


Lifestyle Media, LEO’s parent company, has bought The Voice-Tribune, The Voice of Louisville and Modern Louisville. We hope LEO doesn’t get a society column now. [Ed. note: Nothing changes for LEO.]