Thorns & Roses: The Best & Worst

Nov 9, 2016 at 12:02 pm
Thorns & Roses: The Best & Worst

Pay for your sins, Kim Davis  |  Thorn

Who should pay $233,000 in legal fees incurred because Rowan County Clerk Kim “Homophobe” Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples? Four couples who sued Davis over marriage licenses now want a judge to allow them to recoup their money. Davis may be shielded as a public official, possibly leaving the county or state to pay, according to experts interviewed by The Courier-Journal. We say Davis should pay, if for no reason other than to punish her for tarnishing Kentucky.

$12.64  |  Thorn

That is how much more the average LG&E customer would have to pay if the utility is allowed to raise rates: $9.65 for electric, and $2.99 for gas. LG&E says it would pay to speed repair of outages and for fancy meters to allow us to better track power use, saving nearly $1 billion. But an story calcuated that “each consumer would, over the lifespan of the smart meter, which LG&E said is 20 years, save an average $769 — or $3.20 per month.”

O big brother, where aren’t thou?  |  Thorn

Louisville police have software for tracking and compiling data on a “vast number” of social-media users, according to a story by WFPL. The database can “catalog up to 9.5 million social media postings and a limitless supply of individual profiles.” And with “little oversight and no guiding policy.”  As LEO contributor Eli Keel posted on Faceplant: “Whelp. Can’t say I’m surprised. Hey? Hey guys? Hey Louisville Metro Police? Fuck you.”

Fat of the land  |  Thorn

Kentucky is the fourth-fattest state, based on the measures of obesity, unhealthy living and eating and fitness habits. The study by WalletHub, a personal finance website, says Indiana is No. 12, Mississippi takes top place and Utah is leanest. Now, put down that bourbon slushie and get outside.

Louisville goes dutch  |  Rose

The city has moved closer to a bicycle-sharing program in downtown, with news of a $1.6 million federal grant. The cost of a spin has not been set, but a city official told The CJ it could be $3 for a single, half-hour trip, or $7 for 24 hours.