Thorns & Roses: The Best and Worst

Nov 23, 2016 at 8:33 am
Thorns & Roses: The Best and Worst

We were not with her, really  |  Thorn

In Kentucky, Hillary Clinton won just 32.7 percent of the vote, the second-lowest level of support for a Democratic presidential nominee in the state since 1828! That, says the University of Minnesota’s Center for the Study of Politics and Governance. Donald Trump got a whopping 62.5 percent, behind only to Richard Nixon, who won 63.4 percent in 1972.

Taking our lumps (of coal)  |  Thorn

U.S. Sen. Mitch “Rhymes with Mitch” McConnell said he is unsure whether even a Trumpenstein presidency can bring back coal jobs by ending the alleged war on coal. “Whether that immediately brings business back — that’s hard to tell, because this is a private-sector activity,” he said.

Trumping the truth  |  Thorn

The Don tweeted that he kept Louisville’s “Lincoln plant in Kentucky.” Turns out only production of a Lincoln model might have been leaving, not the entire plant. And now even that is not happening.

Make a day of it: Ark Park, then racist statue  |  Thorn

The Confederate monument finally is being moved: some 45 miles from Third Street to Brandenburg, Kentucky, which wants it for Civil War re-enactments. “This new location provides an opportunity to remember and respect our history in a more proper context,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “And it’s close enough that Louisvillians can visit.”  Be right over...

Too many trees anyway  |  Rose

The city will have an artificial holiday... er, Christmas tree this year. It seems that the construction clogging downtown also makes it impossible to crane into place a four-story real tree, saving one from being cut down while minding its own business. Too bad, because we need to cut down more trees.

Zany, not Zen  |  Rose

Before announcing that the Dalai Lama is attending the 2017 Festival of Faiths here, Mayor Fischer tweeted a video of himself playing table tennis with a Tibetan monk, because:  “Sometimes friendly competition clears the mind.”  The best part is when he smashes a shot past the monk, slams down his paddle in victory and walks away.