Thorns And Roses: KY Repubs Feel Persecuted Over Vaccine Mandates, Moore Teacher's Bad Apple Record

Sep 1, 2021 at 8:26 am
Thorns & Roses
Thorns & Roses

Thorn: First Smoke, Then Fire

The Marion C. Moore teacher who was caught on camera fighting a Black student allegedly told the child, “You’re just going to be another Black boy shot.” Unsurprisingly, William Bennett has a history of saying and doing problematic things in schools and in his personal life. WFPL, WAVE 3 and the Courier Journal have uncovered Bennett's personnel files from his time working in several Kentucky schools. He's grabbed a student's arm before, bragged at school about breaking into his then-girlfriend's home and said a bevy of inappropriate things, such as "feminists are modern day Nazis." Somehow, he's hung onto a teaching career for decades.

Thorn: The Republican Persecution Complex

Kentucky’s Republicans continue to compare themselves and their unvaxxed constituents to people who are actually oppressed. In a now deleted tweet, U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie likened vaccine mandates at restaurants and events to the Holocaust. Then, at a “Freedom Rally” in Frankfort (also attended by Massie), gubernatorial candidate Mike Harmon compared “vaccine passports” to segregation in the 1950s. The difference between these dweebs and the people they’re cozying up to: It’s their choice to be vaccinated or not. Jewish and Black people were (and are) targeted because of who they are inherently.

Rose, Thorn: Finally, Consequences For Actions

Republican state Rep. Robert Goforth finally resigned from the Kentucky General Assembly last week as he continues to fight criminal charges for allegedly strangling his wife. Over a year ago, Goforth was arrested when his wife told authorities that he strangled her with an ethernet cable and attempted to “hog-tie” her over an argument about unlocking her phone. How he lasted this long without leaving his post is a testament to how partisan Kentucky politics has become. Where was the extreme pressure from his peers and his constituents to resign? Instead, he was somehow reelected to his House seat last November amid the allegations.

Absurd: Let The Cat Children Of Meade County Live

As you may read in our editor’s note this week, high school students in Meade County are dressing like cats. This behavior is out of the ordinary, sure, but we totally support teenage self expression. Reports from the school claim that these costumed kids are terrorizing the school. But, we think it is the uptight, anonymous granny who complained to the news who is at fault. 

Rose: Community Love In West Louisville

The West Louisville Women’s Collaborative turns vacant properties into “artistic, peaceful spaces,” and their latest project sounds like a delight. The group purchased a dilapidated property in Chickasaw and plans to turn it into a neighborhood wellness center with therapy, massage and acupuncture services, as well as social workers at the ready. Just the announcement is giving us good vibes. The Collaborative already has a peace labyrinth next door to the Hale Avenue building with a pollinator garden and places to mediate.