Thorns & Roses

Feb 22, 2017 at 11:55 am
Thorns & Roses

Thank you, O’Trump!  |  Thorns

Twenty three hate groups. That is how many the Southern Poverty Law Center recently reported were based in Kentucky last year. On the national list, we ranked 14th, and Indiana was 13th with 26. We could name these groups, but... nah. If you really need to know, go to:

Tasty beard  |  Rose

Ed Lee. Nice guy. Does selfless community work. Oh, and he cooks great food. And now he is a semifinalist, again, for a James Beard Foundation award. Lee, owner of 610 Magnolia and MilkWood, had better win this time, or we are going to go all Kane on those Beards.

Mr. Lee goes to Washington  |  Thorn

The bad news is that Lee is moving his family and operation to Washington, D.C., although he told The Washington Post he plans to keep his house and restaurants here. The reason for moving, he said: “Selfishly, I want to compete in a bigger market.”

Talk about states’ rights...  |  Rose

Donald Trump would not have gotten on Kentucky’s ballot in the last election if state Sen. Morgan McGarvey had a say. The Louisville Democrat has filed a bill that would require presidential candidates to release income tax returns here before they appear on ballots. The chances of this passing through the GOP-constipated legislature are as good as, well, as tRump releasing his tax returns... Ever.

Unless it’s full of bourbon  |  Thorn

Please, please, please, Louisville — do not spend money on an aquarium, with hopes that it will attract tourists. A businessman has proposed an $80-million plan for one. In a Courier-Journal story, an official mentions that an earlier study found that, nationally, only one or two aquariums were profitable, and he doubted little had changed.

GOP gives not a shit about the environment...  |  Thorn

Now, the stupid-know-it-all Republicans in the state legislature are working to reel back the ban on plastic bags for yard waste, CJ environmental watchdog James Bruggers reported. The Mayor’s Office said it is working with the bill sponsor to “find a resolution.”