The gay menace is coming for you!

May 23, 2012 at 5:00 am

Barack Obama is an incredibly careful and calculating fellow. In many ways, it seems that almost every decision in his adult life has been politically motivated and sometimes ruthlessly pragmatic. This is not necessarily a criticism. Let’s face it, Obama’s approach to the world has worked. Put mildly, the man has been a bit successful. When taking Obama’s caution into account, the choice of Joe Biden as his running mate was nothing short of strange.

They are a weird pair. Biden is everything Obama is not. Whereas Obama rarely makes rhetorical blunders, Biden is a veritable walking, talking grenade without its pin. While it’s hard to get straight, committed answers out of Obama (or any politician for that matter), it often seems that whatever comes up in Biden’s mind, comes out of his mouth.

“The Bomb” is an appropriate nickname for Biden, because he’s always dropping them. He dropped another one on “Meet the Press” recently when asked about gay marriage. During his career, Obama has morphed from a supporter of same-sex unions (during his time in the Illinois state Senate) to a non-committal position that he has famously said was “evolving.” Apparently, Biden, who at one time opposed gay marriage, doesn’t need any further evolution. Shockingly and without hesitation, Biden said he was now “absolutely comfortable” with gay marriage and even rocked a “Will and Grace” reference to boot.

The next day, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan offered same-sex marriage support when asked about it on “Morning Joe.” In a weekly news cycle originally meant to be the “roll-out” for Obama’s 2012 campaign, The Bomb’s latest explosion ultimately forced the president to take a stand on the issue and support gay marriage in an interview a few days later.

Well, I guess that’s it! The gays have now gotten to the vice president and the president! Our nation’s leaders now believe it’s OK for gay people to visit their debauchery and sin on the rest of us. What is this country coming to? Any doubts about whether Obama is a Christian should now be dispelled. Nobody who really believes in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the “Good Book” could support such an abomination.

The Word clearly tells us that marriage is reserved for a man and a woman and homosexuality is a sin. These people are going to hell and we cannot support their devilishness. Allowing this madness, supporting these heretics is insane! The non-believer Obama and the hell-spawned Biden have driven us one step closer to oblivion. Think of the consequences. Emboldened, gay people will now destroy heterosexual marriage (which is unquestionably healthy and working well), taint our children, and actively work to turn as many of us as possible into gays to swell their ranks. We are all at risk!

Even though Obama, Biden and their ilk want to set the gays loose on us, we have God, the Republicans, and a strong history of discriminatory sentiment on our side. Even many of our former slaves oppose the gay menace. Black people don’t get much right, but they are right on this. Remember, black support for George W. Bush rose a few percentage points from 2000 to 2004, largely because Bush’s 2004 campaign platform opposed abortion and gay marriage.

Yes, defense of heterosexuality (not homophobia, mind you!) is strong in the black community — especially the black church. Despite the efforts of gay ministers of music who have been planted in their churches across the nation, black ministers and parishioners have held fast to their righteous condemnation of homosexuals, their lifestyles and beliefs that run counter to the Lord, His word, and the natural order of the universe. They stand arm and arm with their white Christian and conservative brothers and sisters on this. Glory!

Yes, it is clear the gays are coming for us all. In the face of this onslaught, we must be united as a nation — across lines of race, gender, class and region — in opposition to this sinful, dark threat. Though our struggle is uphill, all hope is not lost. Our good, noble and righteous Southern brethren in North Carolina were the latest to vote against legalizing the vile institution of gay marriage. They join more than 30 other great states banning the practice. We must support them in this war.

God give us strength in this fight! God bless Mitt, the Eye of Newt, Rush, O’Reilly, and remember Reagan! And God bless heterosexual America — and no one else! Amen!