The Bar Belle - Who Dey think gonna drink my beer?

Oct 17, 2006 at 5:53 pm
Are you ready for some football? Or, more importantly, a reason to drink, be loud, eat wings, go high-five crazy and let the fate of a few dozen men running a ball up and down a field dictate your emotions? Already a few weeks into the season, I’m sure you have your favorite spot picked out to take in the games.

I did some mad research recently (it was tough) and discovered there are significant herds of common fans meeting up at the bars below. If your team is listed, go check it out (unless you’ve already been banned). If your team is missing from the list, start your own fan club at an area bar and let me know about it. Just make sure there are more people there for the game than you and your mom, who’s probably beating you in your Fantasy Football League.

Chicago Bears: Bluegrass Brewing Co. (3929 Shelbyville Road, 899-7070)
Cincinnati Bengals: Wick’s Pizza (973 Baxter Ave., 456-1559)
Cleveland Browns: Benchwarmers (7325 St. Andrews Church Road, 368-1148)
Dallas Cowboys: Monkey Wrench (1025 Barret Ave., 582-2433)
Greenbay Packers: Dutch’s Tavern (3922 Shelbyville Road, 895-9004)
Indianapolis Colts: Joe’s Older Than Dirt (8131 Lagrange Road, 426-2074)
Minnesota Vikings: Gerstle’s Place (3801 Frankfort Ave., 899-3609)
Pittsburgh Steelers: R Place Pub (9603 Whipps Mill Road, 425-8516); ZaZoo’s (102 Bauer Ave., 894-8030)
Washington Redskins: Wick’s Pizza (yes, on Baxter again)

Not Kool
Let’s raise our lighters to mourn the loss of smoking in bars. Oct. 12 will forever be known as “Black Tar Thursday” — the Metro Council voted 19-5 in favor of banning indoor smoking in all public buildings, except our beloved Churchill Downs, of course. Smells like hypocrisy to me.

So we’ve got until July 1, 2007, to kick the habit or get used to the outdoors. To those council members who voted for the ban: Eat a Bic!

If I missed your bar in the NFL roundup above, let me know at [email protected]