The Bar Belle: Tight ends, tight specials

Sep 25, 2007 at 4:58 pm
It certainly doesn’t feel like football season yet, but whatever. Area bars still offer great gameday specials while we wait for the weather to catch up with the season. Here’s my annual list of team-specific bars and their specials. As always, if you know of a place where a gaggle of, say, Dolphins fans gather, let me know about it and I’ll get the word out. There’s got to be a Lions’ bar around here, don’t ya think? Titans? What about a place for the shady Patriots?

Chicago Bears: Bluegrass Brewing Co. (3929 Shelbyville Road, 899-7070): 30-cent wings, 30-cent peel-’n’-eat shrimp, $14.99 for a pizza and pitcher of beer.
Chicago Bears: Big Dave’s Outpost (1801 Bardstown Road, 459-9142): $2.75 import drafts, $2 domestic bottles.
Cincinnati Bengals: Wick’s Pizza (973 Baxter Ave., 456-1559): $2.50 22-ounce Coors Light drafts, $2 domestic bottles, $4 for 10 wings.
Cincinnati Bengals: Brownie’s the Shed Grille & Bar (237 Whittington Pkwy., 326-9830): $12 buckets of six domestics, $1.99 margaritas, 45-cent wings.
Cleveland Browns: Benchwarmers (7325 St. Andrews Church Road, 368-1148): $1.50 domestic bottles.
Dallas Cowboys: Monkey Wrench (1025 Barret Ave., 582-2433): Various Sunday and Monday night drink specials.
Green Bay Packers: Dutch’s Tavern (3922 Shelbyville Road, 895-9004): Various Sunday and Monday night drink specials.
Indianapolis Colts: Joe’s Older Than Dirt (8131 Lagrange Road, 426-2074): $1.75 domestic bottles, 35-cent wings.
Indianapolis Colts: Tucker’s American Favorites (2441 State St., New Albany, 812-944-9999): Sundays: $1.50 domestic drafts, Mondays: $1.50 all drafts.
Minnesota Vikings: Gerstle’s Place (3801 Frankfort Ave., 899-3609): $2 domestic bottles and drafts, $2 well drinks, $1 off imports.
Pittsburgh Steelers: R Place Pub (9603 Whipps Mill Road, 425-8516): $4.25 domestic pitchers, $1.50 domestic bottles, 30-cent wings.
Pittsburgh Steelers: ZaZoo’s (102 Bauer Ave., 894-8030): Various Sunday and Monday night drink specials.
Washington Redskins: Wick’s Pizza (yes, on Baxter again): Same specials as the Bengals’ fans (above).
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